Updated 02/03/2024


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Wilson Combat 1911, 10MM, Full Size, 9-Round, Standard Base Pad

Item # 47NX

Three (3) in-stock

$33 each

Wilson Combat 1911, Elite Tactical, .38 SUPER, Full-Size, 10-Round, ETM Base Pad

Item # 500-38S

One (1) in-stock

$36 each

PRO-Mag for Beretta 92F 9MM

FOUR (4) Mags at 20-rounds each (ProMag# BER-A8)

ONE (1) Mag at 32-rounds each (ProMag# BER-A4)

$80 for all FIVE magazines, includes shipping

Springfield Armory XDS Magazines

These are extended mags for the XDS.

Each magazine comes with two different grip sleeves.

9MM, 9-rounds. ONE (1) Available. SKU XDS09061

.45 ACP, 7-rounds. ONE (1) Available. SKU XDS50071

$25 each

KELTEC P3AT Magazines, TWO


.380 ACP

6-Rounds each

$22 for BOTH

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